Picturing Italy

Over the weekend I have spent lots of time rebuilding the environment on my PC. Windows 7 had issues taking updates, so three weeks ago I re-installed the OS. Because I traveled and spent days in the office, it took until yesterday to get most of the environment set up to my liking, with the programs installed, virtual machines running as needed, and scripts and tasks automated.

So then I spent time sorting photos from Italy. Lots of memories came flooding back in the process, and Sherie and I enjoyed the slide shows. I hope you have a chance to enjoy these too, without all the stories from this blog.

See four sets in one Flickr collection here: Cycling and More in Italy 2011

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2 Responses to Picturing Italy

  1. lindaolsen says:

    Nelson was having issues too with the WIndows updates. I am thinking about getting rid of Google + since it seems to be more public and invasive.

  2. oh, i SOOOOO much wanted to take one of those banners home! 25th Year event anniversary, after all……

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