Upcoming Century?

In the last two weeks Ben has resumed jogging three mornings a week. I am still going fairly slowly, only on the flat terrain, using the dirt next to the Ohlone Greenway bikepath as a soft surface. So far so good, as it is getting easier on my legs (they recover now without the bit of thigh soreness of the first few sessions) and I have avoided pain in the feet and knees. I feel I needed to revisit high impact work for bone strength, and cross train my legs for something besides spinning pedals.

Last October Sherie and I rode a 100 mile ride in Mendocino county, the Harvest Century. This year the ride is scheduled earlier, over Labor Day weekend in early September. Sherie would like to do it, and I think it would be a fun challenge as well. Our recent weekend rides show us both with a jump in power/weight so we can climb faster than we had previously; we have just cut back the weekly total distance as Ben felt both of our bodies needed some recovery time.

So after a couple weeks of less cycling during the week, it might be time to get back into it for cycling. I guess we should up the weekend mileage again, and I should start joining Sherie on the “long way” to work up the hill before descending to downtown Berkeley. And after watching a couple pounds go back on my body after our return from Europe, I guess it is time to again be really careful with the diet.

By the way, my recent blood test shows a very low cholesterol level (120 mg/dl, ratios and other numbers great as well), well under the numbers of the past few years. My meds haven’t changed; I guess it is the increased exercise getting ready for the Maratona, and all the riding in Europe that improved our fitness levels. However, the past two years my fasting glucose number has been 104 mg/dl, which Kaiser interprets as pre-diabetic. They want me to adjust my lifestyle, exercise more (hah!) and eat more veggies and less carbs. This is a challenge if I try to maintain weight while riding lots, and not wake in the middle of the night sleepless with hunger pangs. I wonder if other cyclists have insight into this test result…

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