Ben’s Maratona Official Results

The official results for the 2011 Maratona dles Dolomiti are posted here:

Ben was 3237 out of 4240 total men in the longest version, the 138 km. He was 172 out of 285 for his age group:

All riders had an RFID attached to the back of the human-readable number we attached to the handlebars. We crossed some red mats on the roadway (much like that pictured in the link), which also seemed to have some antennae pointing at us. There was an audible beep (even for Ben’s aging ears) when you crossed over the timing mat.

Thanks to the timing by DATASPORT we are able to present your results with all the registered split times.

name Lukas Benjamin
bib 9823
city USA-Albany California
category 138km Uomini/Herren 55-59 anni
start time 6:49.47,7
finish time 14:51.07,2
race time 8:01.19,5
average speed 17,202 km/h
place overall 3237.
place category 172.

split times

place day time

race time



Gardena 9:52.41,0




Corvara 10:07.35,3




Campolongo 10:37.21,4




Selva Cadore 11:39.45,3




Passo Giau 12:48.43,9




Falzarego 14:05.50,0




uphill ranking Corvara – Campolongo 6.4km, difference of altitude 353m

race time 29.46,1
average speed 12,899 km/h
place overall 3429.
place category 175.

uphill ranking Passo Giau 10.6km, difference of altitude 900m

race time 1:08.58,6
average speed 9,220 km/h
place overall 2599.
place category 116.

Note how Ben move forward during the whole race. This is consistent with his start place in the last group, and his strategy of going slowly and carefully at first in the crowd, then increasing the effort for the toughest part: climbing Passo Giau.

Also, Ben can buy the official photos featuring himself here:

Sherie’s are available here:

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2 Responses to Ben’s Maratona Official Results

  1. Well done Ben. Great split time on the Giau, respect. I hope I can still ride the maratona when I am your age. By the way, how did you get the split times from datasport ? CY #787 of MaratonaD

  2. benlucky says:

    Thanks for writing a comment, Peter.
    The Maratona organizers provide an RF ID chip in the number you attach to the handlebars, Each cyclist passes over close to ten places where the time is recorded, and Datasport compiles these in the results. The finishers list on the website has links to each person’s results, from which I pasted the table of results for Sherie and I.

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