In Bolzano 7/1

No traveling, no cycling, no problem! Our bodies were ready for a day of recuperation in and near town, so we used our newly purchased Museumobil cards a bit.

As some of you know, one reason to come here was to visit the Iceman, Otzi, in his dedicated museum near our hotel.

We arrived at opening time, 10 AM, left at noon, and had an enjoyable morning before the crowds came. This is truly a wonderful museum, great tri-lingual audio, visual, interactive media, and the display cases allow one so close to Otzi and his belongings. It is a fascinating look how this 5000 year old man had lived in middle age (some say old for his day, aged 45 or so), with ailments not unlike ours. Bad knee, crushed hip, tatoos, fleas, stomach bugs and more were all survived by Otzi. Lets just say that the reconstruction of his features is a dead ringer for Lloyd Bridges. His tools were fascinating: the frame backpack, the bow and arrow, but especially the copper headed axe. The head of the axe is over 99% copper, wonderfully symetrically cast curves to a sharpened point. I could go on and on; just note that we were enchanted by the various viewpoints presented, and fascinated with the interactive life-size touch-screen display that allowed one to “x-ray” and “mri” into Otzi’s various body parts. Such fun to play with, almost more fun to watch the kids play with.

A nice lunch, great beers and pastas, then we took the tram up the mountainside Uberbozen for a nice hike. Fabulous views, and a great chance to strech our legs.

The temperature and humidity up high were so moderate, almost cool. It was such a relief after the heavy heat of the flatlands.

After maybe seven or so km of walking, we of course had to enjoy the obligatory appertif on the terrace overlooking the pool and mountainside.

An evening stroll around town, followed by an early dinner (by Italian standards, 8 PM) at Argentieri Osteria near our hotel. Ben’s seafood was spectacular and Sherie raved about the reduced vinegar on her salad and sauce on her veal. We splurged on dessert calories too, and they were worth it!

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  1. Andrea Ramsey says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. I loved hearing all about Otzi, the 5000 year old man.

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