Castelfranco Veneto 6/28

Todays ride was to a Giessegi cycle clothing building outside Castelfranco Veneto. From what Ben could tell from the corner where they kept us, Giessegi uses this building to apply the colorful prints to cycle clothing. George is able to bring clients in to buy clothing at wholesale prices. Sherie bought a matching outfit (Acqua Sapone) and some more items from the bargin bin. No sizes for Ben in the bargins, but he got a light-weigth white jersey (Track) and some black/red bibs. All told, 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and gloves for 150 Euro.

Because we went to the factory, four people from the village rode along to shop as well. Pat, formerly one of George’s partners, her daughter, and two others made us a group of nine behind George’s motorpacing. (Yes, last night another Californian, or more accurately a Brit from LA, Charles, joined us.) Big group on the busy roads leading south in the more populous part of the valley. After shopping, our guests left us alone, and George led us to the center of town.

Next was our obligatory cafe for pastries and coffees. Across the street is very nice bike shop featuring Pinarello and Trek bikes, with lots of fashionable accessories. I didn’t know one could buy sequined or velour cycling attire! We only looked around, no purchases here, then rode to the old part of town.

We circled part way around the moat and wall of the ancient city, past the modern outside market. George has us ride the cobbles and pave to the cathedral, where he showed us a famous painting by Giorgione.

It is indeed incredibly painted, taking color and realism to a new level.

The ride home was a bit more rural, although there were still plenty of cars and motorcycles on the roads. Being up hill, and more rural, the group pushed the effort a bit more than earlier. When Sherie went straight to the hotel, George took the remaining four of us up a “bonus hill.” Ten percent turned to eleven, and after a few hundred meters to twelve and thirteen. Each curve brought hopes of the grade easing, but no. We arrived finally on a short traverse, and regrouped under some trees. After another block straight up the fall line, we arrived in the village above Borso. A quick fun descent, some swooping turns and some hairpins, and the church above the hotel appeared beside us. With the heat of the day (Ben guesses a humid high eighties) it took quite a while to cool down for our too ample lunch.

Bens stats:

  • 60,87 km
  • 2:52 ride time
  • 21.20 kph ave
  • 468 vert meters
  • 13% max grade
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4 Responses to Castelfranco Veneto 6/28

  1. Wonderful! Bravo!!!!

  2. Great blog! I look forward to reading about your adventures after you leave here.
    Charles (the Brit!)

  3. Andrea Ramsey says:

    Enjoying reading about your adventure! It sounds wonderful.

  4. Dad & Mom says:

    Ben & Sherie
    Reads like you two are having what you expected —- a GREAT TIME !!!
    Dad & Mom 6-28-11 8:30 PDT

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