Bossano del Grappa 6/27

Today for lunch we decided to skip the wine, and the resulting nap, so we could go into Bossano itself to arrange train transport. In a few days we move on to Bolzano. So we cleaned up after lunch and took the regional bus into Bossano, about 10 km away. There are trains about every two hours north to Trento, from there on transfer to another to Bolzano. 8.30 Euro each for the 150 km ride. I expect the biggest challenge will be moving the bike boxes up and down stairs onto the train platform. And likely the taxi to the train station from the residence will cost more.

After purchasing our tickets, we strolled into the old walled city of Bossano with Mike and Lexi. The had a favorite gellatario in mind; it did not disappoint.

The old city itself has the shops one would expect, and very limited car traffic. It seems that only special people can drive into here, so it is nice to stroll around down narrow old streets, open plazas, and more shoe stores than I have every seen in one place.

The famous bridge by Palladio over the river exceeded my expectations. The Brenta River passing below is a mountain stream, clear cold and fast below. Views into town and up to the mountains above change every few steps on the bridge, and the cool breeze above the water refreshes the person who lingers.

And people watching is superb, as the bridge is a choke point for all who walk through the town. Kids on bikes, older folks on errands, lovers holding hands, fashionably dressed youth scurrying to some important destination; all pass before ones eyes. And because the weather has been hot and humid, we had no desire to hurry away to climb back up the hill too soon.

We fantasy window shopped, enjoying the views of shoes, fashion, shoes, swimwear, shoes, liquor, shoes, gellato, shoes, real estate, shoes, currios. It was not too touristy, not the endless t-shirt and souvenirs that one sees in Venice or Florence. And few people here speak English, and also could not respond to Sheries’s German.

While we looked as we wandered, we dd not find a shop where we could purchase a throwaway cheap cell phone. The Vodaphone shop featured high end phones (iphones, etc.) and we could neither see, nor make the shopkeepers understand, that we were in the total other end of the market. Oh well, another day without internet. So these postings will have to wait another day to hit the bogshpere. And any critical emails to us will go another day without worrying our trance.

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1 Response to Bossano del Grappa 6/27

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Ben and Sherie!!
    I just read everything since the packing day. Gads, disassembling and correctly reassembling the bikes several times seems nerve-wracking! Now you are eating at least as well as you are cycling. It appears you are having a great adventure, full of new cycling experiences. Wish I were there! It’s raining steadily here today, so I’m working on my bike. : )
    Ann L

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