Preparation Review

As we approach our trip, Ben looked over our training records. Here is a summary from Sherie’s training logs since December 2010:

  • Intermediate Pilates (core strength) exercises – 60 20-minute sessions
  • Rhythmic stretching – 40 15-minute sessions
  • Hiking Albany Hill (steep), often with 25# pack – 24 45-minute sessions
  • Bicycle intervals (built to 6 repeats at 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes rest) usually up Albany Hill – 17 sessions
  • Bicycle to LBL up Centennial (12% grade) on commute bike, or up Spruce/Grizz -at least 40 sessions
  • Weekend walks at least 3 miles – 10 sessions
  • Long weekend bicycle rides – 30 sessions

From Ben’s bike riding logs (since Dec 2010). Sherie’s number likely greater, as she has not had to be away on business and often rides an extra two miles on the way to work.

  • ~2100 miles
  • ~193,000 vertical feet

Other interesting facts (excuses?):

  • Ben lost five pounds of body weight
  • Ben missed two weeks training in Janauary do to a knee injury. Stupid me: tried to pass a car on Milvia in the rain, decided it was a bad idea after getting up to speed, hit the rear brakes too hard, slipped the rear wheel on wet leaves, and fell on my right knee.
  • Ben spent three separate weeks/weekends away on business, worked too hard and trained too little
  • Ben lost a week of training in April (or May?) to a really bad stomach flu. Weak as a dog for a week afterwards too.
  • And did I forget to mention that it rained like every Saturday from Feb 15 till well into May (really, way more than half the Saturdays we had rain alter our riding plans.)

As we used to call out in Hide and Seek: “Here we come, ready or not!”

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