Double-Dip Diablo

GPC Ride Listing: Sun Apr 17 5/TM/55 Double-Dip Diablo

Meet 9:00 a.m. Pleasant Hill BART for 9:15 departure. Climbers’ workout! Climb Northgate to Mt. Diablo Summit, down Southgate for coffee/snacks at Danville Peets. Reverse route up Southgate to summit, down Northgate back to Pleasant Hill BART. Shortcut options abound for fewer miles and/or less climbing, but you might then be on your own. 30% chance of rain cancels. Ben Lukas or Sherie Reineman

This ride went pretty well. I couldn’t believe it at the BART station when fifteen masochists appeared smiling to join us for a day of climbing and descending! The day was comfortably cool, not hot, a bit overcast at times. And windy at times, as a front moved by to the North. Fun for Ben to ride slowly uphill “in training,” but more so in that when one climbs alone, the brain can wander on its own. One needs not pay attention to the paceline or quickly approaching obstacles, and on this route there are no side streets, etc. that take your attention. So one can zone out if one wants, or one can pedal slowly next to another and converse as the hours pass by while climbing.

Then there is the rush of the downhill! Always fun on Diablo to descend for over a half hour at a time.

Anyway, Ben summited twice; Sherie summited once but a good climb up to the junction on the return up Southgate.  Ben can attest that the summit ramp goes from its stated 15% to at least 20% the second time one climbs it at the end of a day of climbing 🙂

Yes, we were tired, but not totally wasted as I had feared. Ben’s stats: 63.29 miles, 7516 vert feet, 315 minutes, 12.06 MPH ave speed. (Sherie averaged under 10 MPH with all the climbing!)

And then we had a great dinner out that evening with some old friends, which was a great way to top off our Sunday.

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