Sherie Writes Up GPC Ride

I will let our email thread to the GPC list tell the story, mostly thanks to Sherie who has been able to stay awake later than me these evenings to do this sort of thing:

Hi all, well, despite one spill and minor injury, we had a great ride on Sunday and managed to beat the rain. The group totaled 10, beginning with a merry band of 5 of us who started out at the posted start place (Ben, Phil P., Sue, Paul and me), then picked up 4 more at Sibley (Ann, Holly, Bruce, Christine) who had pre-arranged to meet us there. Steve T also had arranged to meet along the route, and came from the south along Redwood. Some I expected (from communications of Saturday eve), but 2 I know for sure who either slept in or came out to play but arrived at the respective meet-up spots late, having forgotten to “Spring forward” on their clocks on Saturday night. Next time, maybe?

Roads and sky stayed dry until we experienced a few sprinkles at our Moraga regroup. We jointly decided to keep going and play it by ear, as our next option would be to stay on course, turning right at Glorietta, or keep straight and call the ride at Orinda if it showered. We continued on-route (save for Ann, who had detoured earlier to go home up Pinehurst, and Christine who opted to head straight for Orinda in lieu of making our turn onto Glorietta), and we were enjoying the part on Glorietta to Acalanes, and it was on this stretch that Sue’s rear wheel locked up in a slippery, steep, wet left-hand curve and she went down (tight downhill curve at Corte Rinaldo where Glorietta Blvd becomes Acalanes Road.

As the last three of us came around the corner and saw that she’d fallen, my rear wheel also skidded when I pulled to the side to stop — probably in the same spot, but I fortunately stayed upright.).  It was simply a very slick surface right there, mossy and/or first rai n oil slick. After a few minutes, decided to keep going, but at the next intersection, Sue said her hand was hurting, so we cautioned against continuing further on a route that entailed hard climbs and fast descents, and advised a bailout for Sue back to Orinda along Hidden Valley Road to the St.Stephen’s bike trail.

The rest of us (now a group of 7: Ben, me, Bruce, Holly, Paul, Phil, Steve), stayed on-route, up and over Upper Happy Valley to Happy Valley. We were all feeling pretty strong and had plenty of food/fluids, so decided to bypass our optional water stop at Briones, and headed straight up Papa Bear. Steve peeled off at Camino Pablo back through Orinda/Moraga to head home, and the remainder of us six climbed Wildcat, more or less together. Note to self, drink and eat earlier, take off some of those layers!! All in all, a successful ride. Ben & I were home and snuggled into our routine by 1:45pm and the rain started coming down at 2:30 in Albany.

Thanks to all for riding. And for everyone who contributed so caringly to Sue’s welfare…. BART card, money, offers to accompany her to Orinda…. Sue did go to a doctor after reaching home, and X-rays show a fracture in a small bone of her left hand (now in a cast… ouch!). We wish her speedy healing… the Century is a month-1/2 away; initially thought she’d be able to do that, but it now appears she’ll miss it; otherwise should be fine soon.

As a side note, I now feel a bit remiss for not escorting her home… I’ve been injured enough in my day to know that a person’s initial “confidence” about their condition is usually highly exaggerated immediately after an accident, in direct reverse correlation to the level of pain which tends to shoot up afterward as the true effects of an injury begin to manifest themselves… shock and denial are our built-in survival mechanisms which allow us to walk or ski or drive or ride away from the scene in an injured state thinking we’re ok, then as the shock starts to wear off and the pain begins to set in…. well….let’s just say i’ve been there, and next time something like this happens on one of my rides, I may remember this and be more inclined to break from the group to make sure all is really well.
Cheers,Sherie Reineman

On Mar 13, 2011, at 7:10 AM, Ben Lukas wrote:
> > Sherie and I will be at N Berk BART at 9 AM for today’s hilly ride. Ben’s best guess is for the rain to hold out until afternoon (timing depends on forecaster), and bailout is available at Orinda BART if it gets too wet. Late arrivals can meet at Sibley at about 10 AM.> > > > Meet at North Berkeley BART at 9:00 a.m. for 9:15 sharp departure. East Bay Hills Tour: Tunnel, Skyline, Redwood, to Moraga, Acalanes to Happy Valley, Papa Bear, Wildcat, Spruce. Give those climbing muscles a workout with Ben Lukas & Sherie Reineman

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